As a cruiseship

Homely warmth sorrounded by intense nature

Enjoy fresh homemade buns, early mornings with soft -boiled eggs and bacon, while enjoying the scenary of Greenland all around you.

Afterwards, grap your ski and join the rest of the group for a trip to the top of the mountain and down again.

Or grap your dive equipment and prepare yourself for a glander of the 100 year old sailing vessel, just 20 meter below the surface - intact with masts and hull rising from the bottom up.

Return to a warm ship with all the comfort you could want and take a warm shower, hundreds of miles away from anything resembling modern civilization. Enjoy dinner afterwards with a cold beer, glass of redvine and perhabs round the evening of with a good movie in the saloon. 

Finally, tug yourself under below deck, in your very own cabin, while the ship moves to a new location, with new scenary and adventures to come.

Around Greenland

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Underwater adventures

One of KISAQ's extraordinary adventures


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One of KISAQ's extraordinary adventures

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