Ship’s layout

General layout of Kisaq

Overall Kisaq has three levels and offers the following facilities:

Top deck.
The bridge. This is were the ship is commandered from and also the primary communications room, although radio and telephone communication can be controlled from the mess.
Captain's private quarters.
Walk-around platform. It is possible to walk around the entire bridge outside. Excellent for whalespotting or finding a quiet sunny spot for reading a book. Aft top deck. A large empty deck space, ideal for storage. Supported by a small crane.

Mid deck.
Entrance. A large entrance, capable of holding everybody’s outer clothes and plenty of room for big boots/ski boots etc.
Saloon. Recreationel area for watching movies, reading, playing games or just relaxing.
Mess room. For dining. Outside dining periods, also used as a recreational area.
Galley. Where the food is prepared. Infoboard. Information about weather, whereabouts and other relevant items.
Bathing facilities. Two bathrooms.
Lavatory facilities. Three lavatories available.

Below deck.
Cabins. Eight cabins, each furnished for two persons, all with two bunk beds. Six of them has one extractable bunk, one has one big bunk for two persons and two slim for children, and one has two fixed bunks. The six identical cabins in the center of the ship are typically used for passengers, although all cabins can be requested. There are sinks in all cabins but one.
Engine room.
Cargo bay. Entrance from outside, front deck.
Cozy corner.

Top deck

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Mid deck

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Below deck

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Direct contact:
(Ship) +299 55 55 77  / (Ellen) +299 55 22 30  / (Anders) +299 55 33 77 / (Iridium sat.-phone) +88 16 41 42 5