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A life of experience in Arctic waters available on "Kisaq"

With 35+ years of experience in one of the worlds most harsh environments, it is safe to say, that Anders and Ellen offers a long range of expertise in Arctic waters.

While Ellen is native Greenlandic, Anders began his arctic experience in 1973 as an electrician. They met in Qasigiannguit and shortly afterwards they began, what would become the building stone of their company today.

With a small speedboat, customized by Anders himself, they began to bring geologists around in the big northern part of Greenland.

In 1981, "Malik" was swapped with a larger, more versatile and capable boat - "Niga". A former medical boat, used to carry medical teams around Greenland. "Niga" was slower, but larger and carried four passengers, and had seperate accomodation for the passengers. As the business grew, so did the need to carry additional passengers, and late 1989 "Niga" was swapped for and earlier navy vessel - the "Kissavik". Now, Anders and Ellen's business was expanded and serviced a lot more different people and organizastions besides geologists and the additional tourist group. Big American companies, Greenlandic home rule and the Danish state began to see what potential this kind of business offered them.

Soon, Anders and Ellen had charteres rangin from participating in raising sunken aeroplanes from WW2, to dedicated diving trips. The family even took a year out of the calender and went on one long trip to the Caribbean sea.

In 1999 the business outgrew what “Kissavik” had to offer, so it was replaced with the “Kisaq”. Where “Kissavik” lacked space and comfort, “Kisaq” had this in abundance. “Kisaq” is in many ways the optimal ship for all kinds of operations for boats in this particular class.

Therefore, it is also the ship that has remained most years in Anders and Ellen’s possession. Until this day, it remains the heart of the operation – customizeable to each assignment, offering great comfort as well and commandeered and serviced by the same persons that live on and by the ship every day of the year.


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