Business principle

Chartering Kisaq

 Contract - procedure

  1. You make a request about a desired trip you would like to make, either by email or telephone.
  2. We get back to you, regarding the possibilites - depending on the information given by your first contact, we might be able to provide possibility and price.
  3. You agree or make changes to the original request.
  4. Once a written agreement has been achieved, a contract is performed from our part and send to you. The contract will state the frames for the trip and state the financial agreements made in prior communication.


We are open for all kinds of charters. 

There are only to barriers that inhibit our business, and those are:

  • weather and
  • ice.

Really bad weather is, of course, unsafe. But it also limits the working capabilities for the passengers, as well as the level of relaxation. Ice is many things - large chunks of ice, we can manouver in, while solid ice is a challenge.

Scheduled departures?

We do not offer regularly scheduled departures for other towns on the coast - for that we recommend visitting for online booking on Arctic Umiaq Line vessels.

We look forward to hear from you.


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Direct contact:
(Ship) +299 55 55 77  / (Ellen) +299 55 22 30  / (Anders) +299 55 33 77 / (Iridium sat.-phone) +88 16 41 42 5