Anders & Ellen – two lives in short

Anders - Captain and engineer


Born in 1952, Anders grew up in a small town in Denmark - Laven. His father was a sailor too, making his payday as a machinist on great oceangoing vessels around the world. It was not unusual for him to be away for up to a year.

In Laven Anders grew up on a small farm, where food was provided from the animals around. Right after groundschool he became an electrician - a profession that carried him far around. He became a ship's electrician on a small cutter in the Royal Danish Navy, where he spent the better of a year. Greenland suited him just fine, and so he found himself a job as an electrician in a small town - Qasigiannguit. This is where he met Ellen.

Anders later worked in the Marmoorilik-mine as an electrician, where he bought himself his first new boat, along with some friends of him. They rebuild it together, and soon became aware, that a lot of people wanted to hire them as transport. A few years later (1986), Anders and Ellen decided they wanted a bigger and better ship for their charters, and so they found "NIGA".

"NIGA" was bigger, stronger and therefore had the ability to provide bunk beds for the passengers - eight beds. It had a galley, toilet with a bath, and a mess room. By this time, Ellen and Anders had three kids, so it might had been a bit crowded on board.

In 1989 the company outgrew "NIGA". Anders and Ellen chose to sell the gas station that they had bought and worked on a few years in Anders' hometown, when the mine closed. They believed in the market on Greenland, and so they bought a former marine vessel from the home rule of Greenland - "KISSAVIK" came into their lives.

Anders og Ellen spent the better of ten years on "KISSAVIK" exploring practically every part of Greenland by chartering out the boat to various companies. Geologists, archeologists, local firms, the state, home rule, private excursions and tourists.

By the year 1999/2000, Anders and Ellen bought an even bigger ship - "TÂTERAK". It was equipped an worked as a ferry amongst small villages in the southern part of Greenland. A bigger hull, bigger superstructure and better deck capabilities further enhanced the ability, comfort and usefulness for the passengers. Today, the ship's name is "KISAQ" and remains the heart of Anders' and Ellen's operation.

Ellen - all in one


A wise person once stated: "Man is nothing, without his wife".

Ellen was born in Aasiaat, and grew up in Qasiginnguit. By the time she was a young person, it was common that young people where sent to Denmark on various schools, to learn danish whilst being educated. After finishing school by the age of 15, she was therefore sent to Denmark for a year. She quickly learned Danish and was quite happy to have spent a year in Denmark. 

Returning to Qasigiannguit she took a job on the local factory. Greenland prospered greatly in the 1950's through the 1970's because of shrimp and cod, and it was quite common to obtain jobs eihter as a fisherman or on the factories processing the fish or shrimp.

Working as a young girl on the factory, she became aware of a new man in town who needed a woman's touch. He knew nothing but work, and so Ellen thaught him the better ways of life. By 1986 Anders and Ellen had three children.

In 1970 they moved to the Marmorilik-mine together. Ellen worked in the mining town, while Anders worked as an electrician both in the mine and in the town as well. Some time around 1976, they decided to invest their savings in something concrete back in Denmark. Ellen had grown even more fond of Denmark ever since she returned from her schooling and did not mind this at all. They bought a gas station in Laven, Anders' birth town, close to family and relatives. Ellen moved to Denmark with the kids, where she spent most of the time. During some three months across the summer, she would take the kids back to Greenland and work on "NIGA".

Being a wife, a mother of three, the cook, the cleaning lady, the "1st mate", the nightshift, the lady on the boat, the secretary and the accounting officer, there is no doubt that through time, she has carried the most titles. 

Today, Ellen has bought a small house in Nuuk, but continues to sail around Greenland, whenever the opportunity shows.